Tainan Astronomy Museum

Visit to Tainan Astronomy Museum
Group 2: Jun Hua, Irfan, Elston, Xavier and Adiel

The Tainan Astronomy Museum is located at Tainan and we visited an observatory on top of a mountain. The museum is located in a rural area so that star gazing activities could be easily held, due to less light pollution. Up on that mountain, there are two small telescopes and a large telescope observatory where it used to be one of the largest in Taiwan. The telescope is special in the sense that is has no body like other normal telescopes.

Morning: the Sun
Night: Every planet, especially Jupiter
The dome is an observatory up on top of the mountain of the Taiwan Astronomy Museum. The Dome Observatory contains a 76-cm telescope which doesn’t have a body like regular telescope as there is a dome to ensure only light enters from one area.
It does not have the body as the dome is acting as the whole body as it blocks of the light as it only has a very small area for the telescope to look at the sky. The lights at the sides are turned off when they use it. The dome has a rotating roof, adjusting to match the telescope.

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