National Central University - Institute of Astronomy

Institute of Astronomy

Dark Matter Talk:
We attended a talk held by Professor Chen from the Institute of Astronomy, National Central University, Taiwan. The talk was about the dynamics of our universe, as well as dark matter. The talk has been very intriguing and piqued interest of Astronomy in many of us.

The intro slide about “The Dark Side of Space”
Slide explaining about dark matter.
Where telescopes of around 2 metres are positions around the world
Model of a 2 metre telescope
Copy of IMG20170531171344.jpg


The university had the largest telescope in Taiwan, until the Lulinshan Mountain Observatory. The Institute of Astronomy is partnered with other foreign universities, under a programme called the Taiwan American Occultation Survey (TAOS). TAOS programme aims to detect small objects, that are around 1 km in diameter, in the Kuiper belt. The main telescope for the TAOS programme was the 24-inch telescope above the National Central University. However, TAOS now operates four small (50 cm) telescopes at Lulin Observatory in central Taiwan.

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