Natural Science Museum (Science Center)

In the Museum, there is an exhitbition showing the old 12 constellations and the new 13 constellation dates. The 13th constellation ophiuchus is a new constellation discovered, as the stars have slightly moved. This means that the dates for constellations have also changed.

The Planetarium in Taiwan Natural Science Museum consists of a beautiful screen that covers the entire Planetarium. The computer-generated skies are projected on the curved screens of the Planetarium. When we were at the Taiwan Natural Science Museum, the Planetarium projected a video which was in Mandarin and was about how to find constellations. 

The museum uses an interactive e-learning approach to let students learn about semiconductors and silicon. Kiosks show Q&A sections where students can collect a card with barcodes and keep track of their progress about learning about the science of semiconductors. Real instruments like silicon wafers and particle counters are put to show how the things look like.

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