The Taiwan Astronomical Science Field Trip is an eight day Global Citizenship Programme for Astronomy Club and Science Talent Development Programme students from 30th May to 6th June 2017 in Taiwan. This trip is a combination of three areas: Education Institutions, Museums, and Nature.

Various education institutions came to the support in the organising of the trip. They are:
  1. National Central University (Institute of Astronomy)
  2. National Central University (Institute of Space Science)
  3. National Taiwan University (Physics Department)
  4. National Taiwan University (Ken Ting Observatory)  
  5. Central Weather Bureau
  6. Li Shan High School

We have also visited several museums of different specialisations across Taiwan:
  1. Taipei Astronomical Museum
  2. Taichung 921 Earthquake Museum
  3. Taichung Science Museum
  4. Tainan Astronomical Education Area
  5. Ken Ting Marine Science Museum
  6. Ken Ting 3rd Nuclear Power Station Visitor Center
  7. Kao Hsiung Museum of Science and Technology

Nature is a classroom by itself. We have visited the following sites that have yielded us much learning opportunities:
  1. Yehliu Geoscience park (Weathering)
  2. Xiaoyoukeng Geoscience park (Sulphur vents)  
  3. Sheding Coral Mountains (Plate tectonics)
  4. Chu Huo Natural Gas vent
  5. Erluanbi Observation point (Pacific Ocean - Bashi Channel)  
  6. Maobitou Observation point (Straits of Taiwan - Bashi Channel)

During the trip, we learnt about Astronomy, Geological Science and General Science topics across different locations and days. The trip was a truely learning journey as the topics taught in the classroom in Taipei were reinforced in the various museums and geoparks throughout taiwan. Surprisingly, we were given a real life lesson on the East Asian Rainy Season(梅雨)after visiting the Central Weather Bureau where we were briefed on the same topic.

Over sixteen SST Astronomy club and 2 Science TDP students were involved in this event. More details can be found at:

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