Ken Ting Observatory

Ken Ting observatory
The 墾丁 observatory is open to 高中 and university students. During their breaks, students from Taiwan come together as a team and do their research. The observatory is used for research purposes. At the end of their project, they have to do a presentation on their findings at the National Taiwan University.
These observatories are built to accommodate about 4~7 people. They cost about USD25,000 each to be built.  

 IMG20170604165220.jpgInside the observatories, there are 3 monitors which are synced to one computer, allowing 3 different viewing angles at one time. The dome is currently closed due to the wet weather.IMG20170604165605.jpgA close up of the telescope.IMG20170604165653.jpgThis is where students analyse their data and come up with their conclusion based on their data. They can also generate images on such computers.IMG20170604172346.jpg



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