National Taiwan University

NCU Museum
  • Calligraphy at the entrance is the school motto, “Let us dedicate our universe to universal spirit.”
( 1 ) The old main library
  • Construction was of main building completed in 1930
  • Reading rooms are on the 2nd floor, now used as a museum gallery for the history of NTU.
  • Construction of main building in 1931, flanking library stacks in 1956, east annex in 1973 and west annex in 1982, completing the construction.

( 2) Six principles
  • The ultimate goal of the national university should be the quest for truth and dignity, the enrichment of human welfare through the growth of knowledge based on human and physical nature.
  • With the concerted effort of its members toward ever higher academic achievement. The University will attain the status of a first class institution as a matter of course.
  • A first- class university is not merely a teaching institution; it must make significant academic contributions as well.
  • An institution of higher learning derives its dignity not from utilitarian objectives but from the search for knowledge, the edification of the of the young, the enrichment of Chinese and world cultures.
  • Integrity is the cornerstone in the pursuit of personal and intellectual growth; without integrity, there can be o attainment of the truth
  • The character is the accumulation of both academic and personal discipline, requiring an abundance of learning and reflection.

( 3 ) University symbols
  • University Tree: Royal Palm: At the main entrance of NTU, 2 straight lines of towering royal palms come into sight. When the Japanese came, they tried to plant gingko trees instead, which were Japanese trees. However the trees did not grow well in the Taiwanese climate, and they eventually learned that palm trees grew very well, and switched to planting those instead.
  • University Motto: Integrity, Diligence, Fidelity, Compassion’, originated from keynote speech made by the president Ssu-nien Fu at the NTU’s 4th-anniversary celebration on Nov 15, 1949.
  • University emblem: A project of the designation of the University emblem was carried out during President  Chao-Chung Yu’s term of office. It began in 1982, and the official emblem was standardized in 1983.
  • University anthem:
    1. 1947; the earliest university anthem was dropped due to the difficulty of lyrics.
    2. Unofficial anthem;  ballad 望春风 was adopted by students as the unofficial Anthem
    3. Dec 5, 1968: New University Anthem announced
  • University motto:  handcrafted by each of the Presidents ( 8 characters on yearbook)

(4)  University spirit
  • The Chinese characters displayed at the entrance are the founding principle of the University:  liberalism and intellectual freedom.  The sentence was first written by President Ssu-nien Fu who encouraged the students to dedicate the university to the concept of universal spirit, regardless of changes in circumstance, and the pursuit of eternal truths.
(5) Alumni
  • Established in 2006, NTU Distinguished Alumni Award honors alumni who excel in the fields of arts and humanities, academia, industries, etc.
  • The award is only presented to 78 recipients  in public recognition of their achievements in their respective professions
(6) Campus Life
  • The Gallery uses old photos and stories passed down through the generations and retired teaching tools to show what campus life was like, from the food, academic dress, dorm life, transport, to lectures and extracurricular activities. They show moments and memories, cherished by alumni and students alike.

Physics Tour
Particle accelerator
  • Used about half of Taiwan’s electricity
  • Compared to bowling: accelerating the atom increases the force of impact when it hits other atoms, when the atoms collide they split into multiple pieces which are also accelerated, which results in a chain reaction and an explosion!
  • The nuclear physics experiments were stopped when the Americans took over Taiwan from the Japanese.
Angular momentum experiment
  • Sit on a chair which can spin while holding a wheel that's spinning clockwise. When the wheel is tilted, you’ll turn in that direction automatically while still sitting.
  • However, force is needed to turn the wheel in different directions.
  • Holding more wheels reduces the amount of force needed to turn.
  • The sides with a darker color absorb more radiation and are therefore hotter than the whiter side.
  • This causes the air on the darker sides to be hotter and rise, while the air on the whiter sides is cooler and sinks.
  • This causes the air to move and the blades to spin in the direction of the darker side.
Drinking Bird
  • When the bird dips its head into the water, it absorbs the water.
  • The wet head causes the top of the bird to be colder than the bottom, changing the pressure inside it and makes the water level in the bird rise
  • As the water level rises, the bird starts to tilt and eventually dips its head in the water again, repeating the cycle

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