Pre-Trip Reflections:
  1. How do you feel about the upcoming trip?
    I feel excited because it is my third trip with the school using a plane. I eagerly await for all the knowledge I will gain. However, I also feel sad because this is my last GCP trip before my O Levels. It is the last time I can relax before my examinations come.
  2. 3 Things that I am looking forward to
    Astronomy museums
    Nice landscapes, sceneries and parks
    Learning new information about Taiwan
  3. 3 things I hope to learn from Taiwan
    More about the geological history of Taiwan
    General history of Taiwan
    More about the history of telescopes in Asia
  4. 3 things I hope to learn from my friends
    How to properly navigate night markets and buy the correct things
    To be more open minded about others and me
    How to research before and after visiting the place
  5. 3 things I hope to learn about myself
    How well I can cope with a tight schedule
    How well I am able to analyse my surroundings
    How well I can balance my time during the trip
  6. 3 challenges I give myself
    To remember more information
    Use this information and apply it to my life
    Enlighten others with this information
  7. What are my expectations of Taiwan?
    I hope that Taiwan will be an unforgettable trip, where we can not only learn more about science and history of Taiwan but also learn to have fun in between the hectic schedule. I also hope to forge better bonds with my friends and also with the other students going on the trip.

Daily Reflections: 29 May 2017 

Analyse your thoughts and think about their significance and impact on your personal growth and development
  1. 3 words to describe today’s experiences
    Tiring, exciting, awe-inspiring
  2. 3 highlights of the day
    Visiting the Yehliu Geopark
    Visiting the sulphur springs
    Visiting the astronomy museum
  3. 3 things you’ve learnt about Taiwan
    That Taiwan is not just a city known for Taipei 101, but that it is also known for its landscape.
    Taiwan is actually formed by two plates converging.
    There are many spots of interest close to each other as it does not take long to drive from one place to another, showing that Taiwan has a rich tourism industry.
  4. 3 things you’ve learnt about yourself
    That I am very moody when I do not have enough sleep
    However, I do not let that get the better of me as I was still very excited during the visit to the museum.
    That I like to spend money on worthy souvenirs to remember my trip.
  5. 3 things you didn’t do so well
    Did not have much sleep, and I kept sneezing so I felt quite fatigued throughout the day.
    I did not think ahead to having communal bathrooms in the capsule hotel so I did not have plastic bags ready for myself.
    I was really shy during the night market so I just tried to avoid the touters instead of saying no.
  6. 3 things you look forward to tomorrow
    Learning more about university education in Taiwan
    To learn more about the Central Weather Bureau in Taiwan and how it works, considering there are many typhoons in Taiwan.
    To visit the Shida market so I can try many new foods that are normal in Taiwan.

Daily Reflections: 31 May 2017

    1. 3 words to describe today’s experiences
    2. Informative, rush, happy
    3. 3 things you’ve learnt about Taiwan
      There are many weather stations placed around Taiwan to measure the weather
      We can use frequencies and the atmosphere to transmit information over a long distance
      We still do not know a lot about the universe
    4. 3 things you’ve learnt about yourself
      I am interested in solar flares
      I am interested in morse code
      I like the study of cosmology and dark matter
    5. 3 things you didn’t do so well
      I was still a bit tired from yesterday so I almost fell asleep a few times
      We took a long time for the activities at ISS, so we ended up being late for IOA.
      I did not plan my time well for the night market so I did not get the drink I wanted in time
    6. 3 things you look forward to tomorrow
      Li Shan high school
      Ferris wheel
      shopping mall

Daily Reflections: 1June2017

  1. 3 words to describe today’s experiences
    Exciting, interesting, awe
  2. 3 things you’ve learnt about Taiwan
    There are many fields of learning in Taiwan
    There are schools specially dedicated to science, just like SST
    I learnt a lot about Taiwanese history and how democracy came and went in China
  3. 3 things you’ve learnt about yourself
    I really like cosmology
    The history of China is very interesting to me
    Our way of education is not the only way of learning
  4. 3 things you didn’t do so well
    I accidentally pushed a globe so the person had to reset it again
    I spent too much time on one exhibit so I did not have time to go to others
    I did not see where I was going so I almost fell a few times
  5. 3 things you look forward to tomorrow
    Earthquake museum
    Natural science museum
    Scenery on the way there

Daily Reflection: 2June2017

  1. 3 words to describe today’s experiences
    Introspective, amazed, worry
  2. 3 things you’ve learnt about Taiwan
    Taiwan is very prone to earthquakes
    The aftermath of an earthquake is very devastating
    Humans have had a rich history of making things
  3. 3 things you’ve learnt about yourself
    I am very interested in ancient artefacts
    I am awed by what earthquakes can do in a matter of a few hours
    I enjoy high speed winds
  4. 3 things you didn’t do so well
    I did not plan to go to the toilet before my group left, so they had to wait for me while I went
    I did not pack rain gear so I had to borrow from my friend

    I lagged behind a bit while we were walking around the exhibits
  5. 3 things you look forward to tomorrow
    Astronomy museum
    Dry day

Daily Reflection: 3June2017

  1. 3 words to describe today’s experiences
    Interesting, uneventful, lucky
  2. 3 things you’ve learnt about Taiwan
    It is very easy for it to flood because of riverbanks
    It is difficult to stargaze in Taiwan due to light pollution and rainy clouds
    There are many farms in Taiwan
  3. 3 things you’ve learnt about yourself
    I am interested in Einstein’s theory of relativity
    I feel that floods are very dangerous
    I am quite privileged to not have serious floods in Singapore
  4. 3 things you didn’t do so well
    I still had no rain gear
    I did not drink enough water
    I walked a bit slowly and lagged behind
  5. 3 things you look forward to tomorrow
    Kenting Observatory
    Nuclear power plant
Daily Reflection: 4June2017

      1. 3 words to describe today’s experiences
        Informative because I learnt a lot about nuclear plants in Taiwan. F
        ascinating because I went into the observatory and liked the video that we saw. Delicious because the food at the night market was tasty.
      2. 3 things you’ve learnt about Taiwan
        Taiwan runs on five main energy sources, such as water, wind, fire, nuclear and light.
        Radiation is very harmful to all living matter, so nuclear plants in Taiwan recycle their radioactive water.
        Taiwan has many fault lines along the island, which is a result of the Philippine plate and Eurasian plate pushing together.
      3. 3 things you’ve learnt about yourself
        I find nuclear power quite interesting and fascinating as the whole process is very complicated.
        I really like cosmology and deep space objects.
        I think that today’s night market was much more enjoyable than the others, because it was smaller and felt more homey, plus we spent some of our money playing games and I won prizes, so I felt very happy at this night market.
      4. 3 things you didn’t do so well
        We woke up very late today so we had to rush to pack and did not have time for breakfast.
        I was very tired so I slept on the bus, so I did not see much scenery.
        I did not inform my friends that I was separating from them, so Ao Shen kept calling for me and everyone panicked.
      5. 3 things you look forward to tomorrow
        Marine center, so I can observe marine life.
        Dinner, I would be fine with going back to the night market or going to another place.
        Scenery along the way, to observe the daily life in Gao Hsiong.

Daily Reflection: 5June2017

  1. 3 words to describe today’s experiences
    Tiring because we walked a very long distance over dangerous crevices, which was difficult for me because I have very low stamina.
    It was very informative because I learnt much about marine life with the exhibit.
    I was in Awe the whole time in the Marine museum as I have not seen sharks and stingrays for a very long time, and the way they live fascinates me.
  2. 3 things you’ve learnt about Taiwan
    Mountains can have corals and dry sea creatures because the land used to be in the ocean.
    There are many marine creatures that live in the Pacific Ocean near Taiwan.
    Taiwan has crevices in their rocks because of rift valleys.
  3. 3 things you’ve learnt about yourself
    I have very low stamina because I was tired easily during the walking.
    I am interested in suspension bridges, because that was one of the few items I was excited for.
    I am Curious about the different types of marine life, such as stingrays, penguins and puffins
  4. 3 things you didn’t do so well
    I lagged behind during the walk in the park because I had very low stamina.
    I did not check whether the marine museum prohibited drinks before I bought some.
    I did not prepare a smaller bag to put fewer items so I had to ask my friends to help me carry it in their bag.
  5. 3 things you look forward to tomorrow
    Science and Technology Museum
    Food on the plane

Daily Reflections: 6June2017
1. 3 words to describe today’s experiences
Today was very informative as I learnt so much about how science and technology have developed in Taiwan and how it will continue to improve in the future.
It was enjoyable as the exhibits were very enjoyable to interact with and they helped me to learn more about science and technology.
Today was also bittersweet as it was my last day in Taiwan and my last trip before my O Levels.

2. 3 things you’ve learnt about Taiwan
I have learnt more about Taiwan’s Industrial Revolution and how much Taiwan has advanced from when it was first formed.
I have learnt that the east and south winds collide right over Taiwan, causing many typhoons, rains and strong winds to form right over the island.
I have learnt more about the disaster of typhoon Morakot, where many lives were lost and countless properties were destroyed.

3. 3 things you’ve learnt about yourself
I am quite interested in Help and Rescue as the rescue exhibit was very informative and enjoyable for me.
I am a slow photographer as it takes me a while before I am able to take a proper picture.
I feel that Taiwan is a very beautiful country with a rich culture, geography and history.

4. 3 things you didn’t do so well
I was not prepared for the airport as I did not finish my water before we had to check in.
I was lagging behind while in the museum because I was trying to take photos for my group.

I forgot to bring my wallet to the museum so I had to borrow money from other people.
    How is the Taiwanese culture shaped? What are the historical events that shaped its culture?

    Taiwanese culture, from what I observed, works similarly to a hive mind. Everyone is doing their own things, but collectively, they are aware of many social rules and have many common understandings to make their society function together as a whole. For example, everyone on the roads knows that the pedestrians have the priority, so any motorcycles or cars have to stop to allow people to cross.  Taiwanese food is unique. I have noticed that a lot of food is fried and that a lot of it is seafood, probably because Taiwan is an island. Taiwan has a very rich history because it is one of the islands that have many records of war. Numerous political parties had fought for their rights, and Taiwan went through many changes before it became the country today. It is also geologically interesting, as it is a prime example of tectonic plates, and it shows how the weather on Earth works.

    How do science and technology impact the Taiwanese lifestyle?

    Many parts of Taiwan are still relatively rural, where not much technology is used except for basic electricity. However, the primary power sources of Taiwan are natural sources of energy, where nuclear technology is primarily used. I have observed that Taiwan is gradually becoming more advanced, as seen in Taipei where many places have more advanced usage of technology such as 4D movies and projector technology. I believe that with this growth, all of Taiwan can become more integrated with technology.

    What is the importance of science education about the technological/economical progress of a country? Explain.

     The rest of the world is advancing technologically, so I feel that for a country to succeed, it has to keep up with the times and improve their methods of living as well. Developing technology starts with educating the future generations and preparing them so that they are left with enough knowledge to further humanity. Thus, education needs to be relevant, applicable and informative, so that the youth could conduct research and improve the progress of their country. In Li Shan high school, I observed many of these qualities, where the students were given adequate space to learn and grow. They were allowed to think for themselves, which is more efficient than memorising from a textbook like in Singapore. In the universities, the students could interact and communicate with one another, thus helping themselves and others. The education system in Taiwan is very focused on the students’ learning and not what results they can produce. Granted, receiving a degree is very important in Taiwan, but that is because the country wants to advance technologically. About Singapore, it is more toned down, where the students are not too stressed even though the requirements of them are very high. In return, these students are almost always guaranteed to succeed because they are satisfied. In Singapore, students are feeling increasingly stressed due to the many pressures placed on them by their parents and teachers. Thus, many students can produce good results, but they are not happy with themselves due to the need to always be better. In conclusion, science education is very important to the progress of a country, not only because the youth can further their progress, but because they are willing and happy to do it as well.

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