Lishan High School

Lishan High School

Lishan High School is a school in Taiwan. It has a niche in scientific research and students will learn a lot of scientific knowledge through their research projects. Research Studies Courses are taken by every 11th-grade students in LSSH.

The students have a laboratory where they study and do Projects.They have Projected such as testing the survivability of specific larvae in water through some tests, and investigations such as the gender of some flowering plants.

In the physics labs on the physics floor, students learn physics concepts via practical work including model construction, experimentation, and demonstrations. This is beneficial to students as it allows them to base their theoretical knowledge on practised and proven concepts by giving a solid foundation to learn on.

The Planetarium is located on the top floor of Li Shan High School campus. The Planetarium has a pretty tragic story behind it of a boy dying after a car accident. The boy had died after graduating the school and his parents were really grateful to the school for bringing about change to the boy. Therefore, the boy's parents donated to the school to construct a 30-seater planetarium with a beautiful curved screen. The story is remembered by a Chinese Poem which was printed at the front of the facility. The planetarium allows the students at Li Shan High School to study the night sky which was simulated using a computer. Such facilities allow them to compare the difference between the Night Skies on the same screen which would not be made possible without a planetarium.

The presentations have opened a new network of ideas for the students to brainstorm about and understand what each school has achieved in the years of the Science field.Both schools exchanged their projects and have broadened the students understanding about science.The presentation for the school of Science and Technology has helped to improve the students' knowledge about how to calculate the temperature of the stars, while the other presentation by Lishan Highschool has helped to broaden our scope of understanding of graphene.

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