921 Earthquake Museum

Visit to 921 Earthquake Museum

Today, some SST Students from the Astronomy Club and Science Talent Development Programme (TDP) visited the 921 Earthquake Museum which is situated in a building that used to be a school. The building was damaged as the fault line of the earthquake was in the area. Additionally, the museum was named “921 Earthquake Museum” as the earthquake that affected the building occurred on 21st September, specifically in the year 1999. Group 2, comprised of Adiel, Elston, Irfan, Jun Hua and Xavier evaluates the different aspects of the museum as seen below.

It is about the whole room in the simulator shakes .The simulator is occurring in an ordinary room where there are a bunch of seats for people to seat on a short video is played before a 40 second minor shake.  

The fault are as follows: The thrust fault, normal fault, strike slip fault. This actually is the three types of plate movement. Thrust fault is where it causes the grounds are pushed up. It is when  the older rocks are above the younger. Normal fault is when there is a displacement of rocks. Strike-slip fault is when the rocks are displaced horizontally which is parallel to the line of fault.
Volcanoes can also start an earthquake as the magma is actually can activate it.
921 Earthquake Museum used to be a school before it is transformed into a museum in 2001 after the earthquake in 1999. The photo above shows one of the school buildings which has partially collapsed during the earthquake. Additional structure supports are needed to prevent the school building from further collapsing after it was found to be collapsing even more after the earthquake.

After experiencing the Earthquake Simulator, the first group of students proceeded to the 3D Theater to watch a movie. The movie, revolving around a boy named Noah, aimed to teach the audience on the importance of conserving the environment by not littering / destroying the environment through other mans. This was taught by showing situations on how the animals were affected by the actions of humans, which was demonstrated by Noah.

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