2017 GCP Taiwan Reflections
4Rs & 10Cs

Pre-Trip Reflections:

  1. How do you feel about the upcoming trip
  2. 3 Things that I am looking forward to
  3. 3 things I hope to learn from Taiwan
  4. 3 things I hope to learn from my friends
  5. 3 things I hope to learn about myself
  6. 3 challenges I give myself
  7. What are my expectations of Taiwan?
How do you feel about the upcoming trip
I felt happy cause I can leave Singapore to Taiwan to learn more things that are not thought in the textbooks.I also felt scared as it is my first time going out without my family and nobody going to help me except for my friends and teachers and excited about my upcoming trip cause it is my first trip without my parents and I need to do things by my own

3 Things that I am looking forward to
I am looking forward to a trip that is both fun and knowledgeable , because as it is a school trip, the main idea is to learn more about the things that are covered and it must be fun as it is a trip, and a trip must be fun
3 things I hope to learn about myself
I hope to look forward a fun and engaging trip and I can learn more about science than ever before
I hope to learn about how to post a blog, be discipline and how to control myself.

What are my expectations of Taiwan?
I hope that they were friendly and not as scary as my parents can say.
I hope to learn nothing about myself but unfortunately, I am loud to not be loud and be discipline
I expect them to be not friendly, and their food to be good as they are Taiwan and people always introduce Taiwan food

Daily Reflections:
Analyse your thoughts and think about their significance and impact on your personal growth and development

  1. 3 words to describe today’s experiences
  2. 3 highlights of the day
  3. 3 things you’ve learnt about Taiwan
  4. 3 things you’ve learnt about yourself
  5. 3 things you didn’t do so well
  6. 3 things you look forward to tomorrow

Day 1
The 3 words that I think about today’s experience:
Fun, because it is my first time going into the site of sulfur site
Knowledgeable learn a lot of things from the sites that are natural without an tour guides telling us what is that.
Tiring .I climb up and down,from the xiao you keng to look at the sulfur site and the yehliu where we almost hit the summit of a small cliff or mountain and it is shining so brightly and it is very hot.
3 highlights of the day
We went to the Xiao you king, the national Astro museum, and ye Liu
The ye Liu is where there is a lot of sculptures that is made by soil erosion
The xiao you keng is where we can see the sulfur evaporate into gases and it is a good sightseeing as people actually went there to do a photoshoot for wedding
The national astro museum is where we can see the astro stuff .
3 things you’ve learnt about Taiwan
We have different languages that the cannot know . it is easy for them to understand us and misunderstand us. We also know that the taiwanese might be affected if we say singlish or our essence of chinese
3 things you’ve learnt about yourself
I learn that I am still very talkative, very ignorant of the others around and is very bad at listening teacher instructions
3 things you didn’t do so well
I did not really listen to instructions, i help nothing for my group as for my group’s project, i only contribute to one answer.
3 things you look forward to tomorrow
I want to look forward to the NCB.

Day 2
The 3 words that I think about today’s experience:
We learn about space weather, things that is made to observe space weather like the solar wind and the CME from the Sun. they basically look at the Sun for more information of what will happen next.
we went to a university that actually made the longest telescope in Taiwan and it is in lulin mountain where they discovered the lulin comet through the telescope. Unfortunately we cannot go there as it is not included
3 highlights of the day
Today's experience: It is fun as i can play the fox hunting tool like the radar the NCU gave us .
it is tiring as we are doing the fox hunting , the "fox "is actually very far and it is almost like the
3 things you’ve learnt about Taiwan
They are very friendly, they can communicate with us and they are good in terms of helping
3 things you’ve learnt about yourself
I learn nothing
3 things you didn’t do so well
Listening to instructions and then do stuff wrongly
3 things you look forward to tomorrow
visit to the NTU

Day 3
The 3 words that i think about today’s experience:
fun, and learn a lot of things through the schools as they give me a lot of knowledge and is tiring as one of the school is very large, the school is NTU
3 highlights of the day
The visit of the different schools and the lecture of the professors that they gives is very knowledgeable
3 things you’ve learnt about Taiwan
i learn that Taiwanese is more friendly than mainland China
3 things you’ve learnt about yourself
I must really talk less to listen to the instruction
3 things you didn’t do so well
Respect the lecturer.

3 things you look forward to tomorrow

Day 4
the three words that i think is   fun wet and a lot of knowledge
I learn that i still am very loud and my friends hate me doing that and i don't listen to instructions
I learnt that Taiwan is very technologically advanced and their nature in physics is also advanced
I look forward to another day of observatories
Day 5
It is very sad and fun and very meaningful as there is a space simulator that we called the massage chair. we learn a lot in the museum there is a lot of things there like the model that shows the gravity(but Mr Tan said that it is wrongly charted) . we also learn that the
there is only the museum that we went to Tainan it is for educational purpose
Learn that i am very bad with Moses and I easily rage quit cause
I also need to mend my actions on rage quickly because of what people do and i fought with Moses
i look forward to leaving the hostel faster and not seeing floods and see the nuclear power plant as it is the first time  me going to the power plant
the hostel is not good so my roommates and i is complaining there is too little space
floods are bad as everybody knows the flood is coming towards us.
Day 6
it is very engaging in the observatory as they are the one that house three observatory and it looks fun as it is a rare sight to have three observatory . It is also very tiring in the night market as we need to walk .
we went to the ken ting observatory, where  Mr Ma told gave us a talk about they also has sharks and turtles
i learn that I am rude and teachers keep reminding me.
i will try to quiet down my voice and listen to instructions as Mrs Jang is complaining from the start of the trip
I look forward to the marine museum tomorrow
Day 7
the 3 words to describe today's experience is fun as we can see the Marine Life in the marine science museum and some of them i could not see in Singapore .we learn a lot in that museum too, like for example, the I Just know that the ancestor of human is actually an animal that live underground but the day before this trip I still think that the human only have ancestors after the dinosaur age.
when we are going at the shedding mountain i learn about to not be so close to three person in front or else we will injured together
I also learn about Taiwan that it has a variety of marine life and coral sites that are actually visitable by humans , and i also have evidence for the plate movement happen in Taiwan
I also think that we actually think that it is very adventurous in a science programme trip.
the 3 highlight of the day is the shedding mountain, the marine science museum and the bridge.
I learn I has NDS as you can tell from the actions and the reactions from my seniors
I rage quit easily and people start calling me autistic.and i decided not to talk unnecessary until urgent and i also see that i am easily angry
I want to go to the museum of science and technology and go back home.
Day 8
Fun: as there is a lot of things that we can play with ,like the flight jet simulator and the moon walker.

We can learn a lot of things through the exhibits and so it is full of experience and knowledge, like the experience of the typhoon is pass to us and we learn from the experience  of the typhoon.

The main highlights of the museum is first, the typhoon, where we are introduced to the typhoon that struck Taiwan  in 2009 where it cause heavy downpour on Taiwan. The typhoon also created a lot of landslide that destroy a lot of villages, homes, and killed a lot of people in the process . At that moment ,Taiwan is actually filled with water and the  government sent people to rescue them . This lead to the another part of the museum which is the engineering section.During the typhoon many bridges are destroyed . The government realize that the bridges with smaller gaps in between the pillars that hold the bridge will be destroyed faster.They realize that the bridge is destroyed by the  floating debris on the water. The government decide to change the design of the bridge into a suspension bridge, or a bride with lesser pillars
They are exceptionally fast in taking steps toward technology.they already created the biggest semi-conductor and they are still improving.This marks out a big step of the technology improvement and the semi-conductor let Taiwan to have the for front of the technology world .The next one is the games that is in the museum . there is the moon walker ,where the game is that we are tied to the strings and we need to let the rabbit in the TV to keep moving by jumping.This actually mimic the way we jump when we are in moon.the another one is the flight jet simulator where it tells the story of the history of planes.then ,they give us a short simulator and we can feel the vibrations and the crazy movement of the simulator.
I think that Taiwan have technology advancements better than Singapore , and it leads too the better place in the world .
I learn that I am annoying and disturb others easily throughout the trip
I think that i did not do so well is the fact that i don't follow instructions because i never hear them, and after that I keep assuming the instructions
I hope to go back to Singapore as soon as possible.
  1. How is the Taiwanese culture shaped? What are the historical events that shaped its culture?
  2. How does science and technology impact the Taiwanese lifestyle?
  3. What is the importance of science education in relation to the technological/economical progress of a country? Explain.
1.The Taiwanese has a large variety of food but the most common that I know is the seafood as for the past few days i have been eating seafood for lunch, large number of people selling seafood at the night market.They live near the sea as most of them is mountain range as Taiwan actually is built by the plate movement.
2.Science and Technology actually shows us that the Taiwanese have phones , cars and other things that actually mark the growth of the technology of Taiwan.People started to build semi-
conductor, big companies create laptop, phones .they also created things that help them to grow in the astronomical field , like at the NCU, they build machines to build the top of the satellite while
naturing young people to grow into the technology , science and astronomy and shape then to do the things that they feel passionate about the subject.
3.The importance of science education can create technology that benefit the younger generations in learning . The use of technology is where people create things that benefits the upcoming needs. for example, the country first build a item that none has built before, and it is beneficial, it can bring in money.

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