1. Pre-trip Reflection
    Very excited, looking forward to knowing more about astronomy, meet new friends and a break from academics.I would like to know more about Taiwan's culture, sightseeing location and their Science and Technology background.I would like to learn leadership, independence and how to communicate more effectively.I would like to learn more about myself being independent, coping with peer pressure.The challenges I would like to give myself I retaining more astronomy information and knowing the basic of astronomy.My expectation of Taiwan is for it to provide me with the basic information of astronomy and making it a memorable trip for me. Individual Reflection:
    Day 8:
    Beneficial I would say, as the exhibits that we saw has really provided me with some key background knowledge in the fields of both Science and Technology, which is really helpful for me to pursue my dream of design a product that can help benefit the society.Passionate as the museum showcased the detailed history of technology such as semi-conductor and the history of bicycles which drives me to help develop better products and improvise from it.Relaxing, since it was the last day of the trip we had very few destination to accomplish, one to be exact.There was no pressure involved during each of the exhibits and the slide down the 6 storey high building has really wash away any stress during the trip.Additionally, the entire day was unlike any others as I do not need to take down information to help me with my group report, preventing me from enjoying the exhibits itself.The 3 main highlights were the tarts shop, Science and Technology Museum and the airport.I learnt that Taiwan had been hit by one of the worst typhoon in 2009.It invented the first semi-conductor which plays a very important role in todays technology history .Bicycle were also Taiwan's favorite mode of transportation.I learnt that I am a visual learner as did not really understand what the guide was explaining about until I look at the pictures in the exhibits.I have also successfully retained some of the astronomy terms that i set out to learn before the trip.I woke up too early and was very sleepy throughout the whole day.
    Day 7:
    The day was highly engaging as we get to see the sea creatures face to face and climbing the National Park to experience the once coral reef high up on the hill.It was also very insightful to lean and reminisce about the history of marine specimens and how it evolved to present day.Nature as we get to interact with the wildlife and the natural environment by visiting the Museum and climbing the hill.The 3 main highlights were visiting the Marine Science Museum, National Park and the walk towards the so-called furthest most south point.I learnt that Taiwan's garbage trucks play music, WIFI connection is also very bad and their electrical output is also very low too.I learnt that I am addicted to milk tea, sugary stuff in general.I did not wake up on time, cannot really control my expenditure for today.I am looking forward to the Technology Museum as It will provide me with some information that may have some benefits and links to the school.I am also looking forward to heading back to Singapore to meet my family and going out with my friends back in Singapore.
    Day 6:
    It was an eye-opening experience, as I finally had the chance to view a Nuclear plant in action at a distance.It was also very different as I always had the thought that having a nuclear plant is very dangerous and toxic and may impose a threat to the people living near it but now I finally understood that is it actually very safe.It was also very educational as I learnt how the power plant work.The 3 main highlights were visiting the Nuclear plant, methane camp and the observatory.Taiwan has 3 power plant, it is also much cheaper to build an observatory here than in Singapore.I learnt that I am addicted to sugary drinks and it can be controlled by drinking milk tea.I learnt that rural area has better sites than those near the city.Visiting Kenting Marine Science Museum, Kenting Observatory and Shedding National Park, Er Luanbi.
    Day 5:
    The day experience was tiresome, wet and shocking.The 3 main highlights were visiting the museum, observatory and the shopping mall.Taiwan 梅雨 has killed 1 woman and Taipei is already flooding. I learnt that we should look at the big picture, better to be on time than to be early and late. I did not eat much during lunch.Visiting the nuclear power plant, observatory and the night market.
    Day 4:
    The day experience was tiring, shocking and informational.The main 3 highlights were 921 Earthquake Museum, Taichung Natural Science Museum and the night market.Taiwan has 梅雨, their river is also very shallow which cannot hold a large sum of water/rainfall and there are not a  lot of drain in the city.I have learnt that  I can complete the task assigned to time and I can pack my stuff neatly.I took a long shower and ate many junk food.The visits that I am interested are Tainan Astronomy Museum and the night market.
    Day 3:
    The day experience was fruitful, content-heavy but informative.The main 3 highlights were visiting Lishan High school, National Taiwan University and the Shrine.Taiwan has a miniature particle accelerator in their National University, it has a shrine to honour people that helped to rebel the Chinese government in mainland China.I learnt that I still have many theory that I do not really understand and very interested in knowing more information about Space Science.I did not clarify with the Professor when I had the chance to. Visiting the 2 museums and the night market.
    Day 2: Today was a once in a life time experience, very insightful and very fast paced.The 3 main highlights were visiting the Weather Bureau, night market and the National Central University of Taiwan. Taiwan has a decent transportation system, people tends to drive motorbikes than cars and the highway roads are cleared of any bumps and defects as compared to other developing countries.I learnt that I cannot manage my temptation to buy stuff they I want, waking up on time and completing assignments before it was tasked to.Bought sweet drinks and drank little water to hydrate me.Visiting the Shrine, the university and the high school to meet more people.
    Day 1:
    The experience for the entire day was fulfilling, enriching and very congenial to me.The 3 main highlights of the day were the Night Market, Geopark and the Astronomical Museum I learnt that Taiwan was not as undeveloped as I thought before the trip, it is flooded with Chinese Tourist and there are many unique tourist sightseeing destinations such as Yehliu Geopark.I learnt that I am able to communicate with my peers very effectively, sociable and I requires a minimum 2hour of sleep to prevent me from being very grumpy.I bought excess food and ended up giving it to a friend.Did not meet the minimum amount of hours required for sleep.The visit to the National Central University, night market and Central Weather Bureau.

  2. End-of-Trip Reflections:

    1. How is the Taiwanese culture shaped? What are the historical events that shaped its culture? I learnt that Taiwanese culture has some similarities to some country such as the Holland,Japan and China. Dating back to the days when the dutch controlled Taiwan, the migrants from Holland would stay in Taiwan and live. Some of these migrants would then persuade the aboriginals living in the island to convert to christianity, thus it will explain why most of the aboriginals are christian.Travelling to early age of the 20th century , Taiwan was given to the Japanese during World War 2.This explains the similarity of most Taiwanese and their culture bearing similar personalities of the Japanese culture itself.Such as recycling, Eco-friendly and friendly/sociable attitude.China also plays a very important part in shaping Taiwan, the people republic of China often visits Taiwan, which brings about the language that the people use in here.However Taiwan still uses traditional Chinese to communicate.
    2. How does science and technology impact the Taiwanese lifestyle? Taiwan uses the latest technology to detect and predict the weather and natural disaster.Using the data collected they would then predict the different monsoon and disaster that would happen in the future.They would then inform the nation by alerting them through the media so that they can prepare before disaster strikes, preventing the loss of lives.Other than that, Taiwan also uses both fields to build and improvise buildings so that it is less prone from falling when disaster strikes such as adding additional support below the building so that it has a lower possibility of it falling as compared to others.
    3. What is the importance of science education in relation to the technological/economical progress of a country? Explain. Science education can help to foster people's critical thinking skills and creativity.Therefore allowing those that are keen to design products and create theory to help solve the problems that people faced in the country.Additionally, it can raise awareness about the problems faced in the country and attract more people to participate in it and find solutions to resolve a problem.With lesser problem in the country, it will boost the technological/economical progress of the country.

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